Help! Why Bad Boy Mower Won’t Go Forward Or Reverse?

bad boy mower won't go forward or reverse

Bad Boy mower problems include the movement troubles of the mower. Well, at some points, the mower may feel like stuck and doesn’t go forward or reverse.

But, why won’t a Bad Boy mower go forward or reverse?

It is because of no charge in battery, issues in parking brake, bad hydraulic pump, mistake in mower starting, and defects in transmission.

Well, nothing’s gonna work if you have no idea of them. To assist you, the article has got the details regarding the Bad Boy mower won’t go forward or reverse.

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Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower Won’t Go Forward Or Reverse?

A quick inspection has no competition in catching the trouble.

That’s why here is the list of possible reasons and how to remedy them.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1No charge in batteryEnsure the battery has full charge
2Issues in parking brakeCheck the parking brake and adjust it
3Bad hydraulic pumpObserve the pump and get it replaced
4Mistake in mower startingStart the mower ensuring the correct way
5Defects in transmissionCheck fluid level, change the faulty parts

Depth Discussion: Bad Boy Mower Won’t Go Forward Or Reverse?

Many users of Bad Boy mowers complain about its moving difficulties and they hindered in mowing freely.

There are many things you need to know to troubleshoot the Bad Boy mower won’t go forward or reverse.

Continue reading to learn them from the following discussion.

Reason 1: No Charge In Battery

A silly mistake or ignorance done by the rider is not keeping an eye on the battery and its charge.

When a mower runs with less charge or no charge in the battery, none of its functions work. The same goes for its movement.

Solution: Ensure the Battery has Full Charge

As the negligence affects the mower significantly, you should be more careful before riding the mower. That’s why ensure the battery is charged fully.

Reason 2: Issues In Parking Brake

The parking brake has a noteworthy influence in moving the mower.

When it is engaged, though mistakenly, the mower won’t move even a bit. The issue can occur again and again when the parking brake has the wrong adjustment and gets engaged.

Solution: Check the Parking Brake and Adjust It

In this case, you should observe its function while running the mower. If that’s the case, adjust the brake spring. Otherwise, the brake has to be changed.

Reason 3: Bad Hydraulic Pump

We know that hydraulic motors help the wheels to run. But, the hydraulic pump can cause them to stop.

In other words, a bad hydraulic pump won’t pump the hydraulic fluid. And, due to it, the fluid won’t reach the motors and the wheels won’t work.

Solution: Observe the Pump and Get It Replaced

What you have to do is observe the hydraulic pump if it is pumping or not. In some cases, it can stop pumping for having leakages. However, you should get it replaced soon.

Reason 4: Mistake in Mower Starting

Any mistake in starting the Bad Boy mower is horrible for both starting the mower and moving it.

Though you can start the mower, you may make mistakes in running it while maintaining the correct criteria. For example, you can forget to disengage the brake or engage the PTO.

Solution: Start the Mower Ensuring the Correct Way

First, learn how to start a Bad Boy mower in an accurate method. Right after that, follow the operator’s manual to see the after works you need to perform to run the mower freely.

Reason 5: Defects In Transmission

Defects in transmission include running the mower with the wrong transmission fluid level. Both lower and higher levels are barriers for the mower.

In some cases, the axles or the gears can start malfunctioning. Due to damage or lack of maintenance, they can barricade the mower in moving.

Solution: Check Fluid Level and Change the Faulty Parts

Get on board quickly to fix the transmission issues. And, start by checking its fluid level and ensure it is on point. Then, change the parts that are found with damages.

What Causes My Bad Boy Mower to Stop Going Forward or Reverse?

Answer: Issues in the friction wheel mostly causes a Bad Boy to stop going forward or reverse. In some cases, the wheel loses connection with the friction plate and it is enough for the mower to get stuck in one position.

Why Won’t My Bad Boy Mower Move to One Side?

Answer: A Bad Boy mower won’t move to one side when it has wrong traction adjustment and its drum brake is not working. However, the mower with imbalance or its hydraulic fluid with air can be the cause, too.

Final Words

Finally, I must say that extra care to your Bad Boy mower can let it remain away from several issues. For example, the Bad Boy mower won’t go forward or reverse is one of them.

However, to fix it within time, follow the article and the tips listed in it. In case you are searching for how to crank a Bad Boy zero turn mower, check out the article.

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