[Solved!] Bad Boy Mower Weak On One Side in 2023?

bad boy mower weak on one side

Observing a Bad Boy mower weak on one side while mowing is absolutely going to give you a headache.

But, why is a Bad Boy mower weak on one side?

It is because of the steering set wrongly, mismatched tire pressure, spindles not moving, drum brake not working, and malfunctioning dampers.

Since you are having issues with a Bad Boy mower weak on one side, I have outlined the causes and fixes in the discussion.

So, let’s get started.

Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower Weak On One Side?

To guide you with a quicker way, here is a table of a few reasons of the issue and how you can uproot them.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Steering set wronglyObserve the steering and adjust it correctly
2Mismatched tire pressureInspect the tires pressure and match it
3Spindles not movingClean the spindles or get them changed
4Drum brake not workingCheck carefully and install new one
5Malfunctioning dampersChange them and get new dampers

Detailed Discussion: Bad Boy Mower Weak On One Side?

When a Bad Boy mower is weak on one side, several troubles tend to come up. For example, a Bad Boy mower won’t go forward or reverse is one of them.  

To help you in Bad Boy mower troubleshooting, this part is designed with the causes and the remedies to solve them.

Therefore, let’s dive into their niceties.

Reason 1: Steering Set Wrongly

We know that the Bad Boy mower is operated with the steering. Unfortunately, not adjusting the steering for a noteworthy period can be the culprit.

Because within this time, the steering becomes misadjusted and doesn’t work like earlier and causes the mower to be weak on one side.

Solution: Observe the Steering and Adjust It Correctly

Before you take any actions, observe the steering thoroughly. Include its adjustment in the observation list. Now, adjust it accurately to get rid of the issue.

Reason 2: Mismatched Tire Pressure

To run a Bad Boy mower beyond disturbances, having the similar pressure in each tire is a must.

But, mismatched tire pressure in each tire is pretty responsible for making one side weak. The tire with extra pressure will feel heavier and it seems like the mower pulls to one side.

Solution: Inspect the Tires Pressure and Match It

First, start by inspecting the Bad Boy mower tires. Look for the one with less pressure and match it with the other one. Make it a habit to perform each time you ride the mower. 

Reason 3: Spindles Not Moving

The movement of the spindles in the mower deck is essential to keep the Bad Boy mower running.

Sadly, over time, they do not move as they used to do. Because they are metal parts and can become bad or affected with rust. Or their wrong adjustment can influence them.

Solution: Clean the Spindles or Get Them Changed

In this case, clean the spindles to see if corrosion or rust is the cause. Readjusting can fix the trouble many times. Otherwise, you have to get them changed.

Reason 4: Drum Brake Not Working

Drum brake on Bad Boy mower’s each wheel is for allowing them to run.

But, the drum brake on any wheel can go bad or catch any issue, which is completely driving it to the off duty condition. Due to it, one side of the mower seems to be hard and doesn’t move. And, the other side is much weaker.

Solution: Check Carefully and Install New One

If you suspect the drum brake on the weak side’s wheel, I prefer checking it immediately and carefully. Then, install a new drum brake on that side as repair won’t go well with it.

Reason 5: Malfunctioning Dampers

Dampers on a Bad Boy mower are responsible for letting the mower run without any barrier.

But, when they are influenced by irregularities like damages or defectiveness, they do not function well. And, all these lead them to stop working and malfunctioning one side of the mower.

Solution: Change Them and Get New Dampers

In the case of the dampers, there is nothing to do without changing them. Because repairing them doesn’t seem to last longer and costs more. That’s why install new dampers.

Why is My Bad Boy Mower Pulling to One Side?

Answer: A Bad Boy mower pulling on one side is an outcome of the dampers that are set imperfectly. The same happens when they are slightly or completely defective. And, the deck becomes unstable in one side.

Why is My Bad Boy Mower Cutting Lower on One Side?

Answer: A Bad Boy mower cuts lower on one side in case its blades are not sharpened for an extended time. If the deck has excessive grass clippings, one side will cut much lower. Misadjusted deck height is nowhere less responsible for this.

Final Words

A Bad boy mower weak on one side is not only frustrating, but also a concerning incident. I can guess that you are already aware of how to deal with it smartly.

Yes, you got my point. The article says it all regarding the root causes and the easiest methods of uprooting them within time. However, in case your Bad Boy mower won’t start, check out the article for troubleshooting tips.

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