Bad Boy Mower vs Ferris Mower: Which One to Try?

bad boy mower vs ferris mower

I guess you are having a hard time finding the better one between the Bad Boy mower and Ferris mower. Well, that’s not an indifferent matter for everyone.

But, which one to choose between Bad Boy mower and Ferris mower?

Go with a Ferris mower if your concern is horsepower and a wider warranty. But, price wise consideration says a Bad Boy mower is worth the price.

I must say that you did a wonderful job by getting here as the article has the direction to Bad Boy mower vs Ferris mower.

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Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower vs Ferris Mower

An easier way to reach the better one is following the included comparison chart of Bad Boy mower vs Ferris mower.

SerialKey FactorsBad BoyFerris
1Horsepower27 hp (highest)18hp to 48 hp
2Speed13 mph (highest)Up to 12 mph
3Deck Sizes42″ to 72″36″ to 72″
4Warranty1 or 2 years2 to 4 years
5PriceAlmost $24,000$7,000 to $36,000

Full Discussion: Bad Boy Mower vs Ferris Mower

When I was thinking of getting a new mower, I found Bad Boy and Ferris competitors of each other. It is because their features were too close to each other and more advanced than others.

As you are going through the same state, the article is filled with the details of Bad Boy mower vs Ferris mower.

Therefore, don’t miss the chance to check them out.

1. Horsepower

Horsepower is an easier way to find out how powerful an engine the mower has.

• Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy mowers are seen with up to 27 hp.

• Ferris Mowers

Ferris mowers deliver horsepower from 18 hp and it can go up to 48 hp, which is perfect for residential to commercial.

Winner: Ferris mowers are truly amazing in this concern.

2. Speed

Speed of the mower is for knowing how fast you can work with that. An upgraded and faster speed is always recommended.

• Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy mowers are capable of letting you speed it up to 13 mph.

• Ferris Mowers

Ferris mowers are equipped to serve the rider with a speed up to 12 mph.

Winner: The winning trophy goes to Bad Boy.

3. Deck Sizes

Different deck sizes are preferred because not all decks are suitable for every lawn. Depending on your lawn area, choose the deck size.

• Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy mowers have a variety of decks from 42″ to 72″.

• Ferris Mowers

Ferris mowers start their deck size from 36″ and it stops at 72″.

Winner: Ferris has more choice of deck sizes.

4. Warranty

What you should not miss to think about is the period of warranty. Because getting free service from the brand is like another level of security. 

• Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy mowers are offering a warranty period starting at 1 year and some mowers have 2 years.

• Ferris Mowers

Ferris mowers come with a warranty of at least 2 years and up to 4 years.

Winner: Ferris provides extra warranty than Bad Boy.

5. Price

To know if the mower is worth purchasing or not, learn about its price.

• Bad Boy Mowers

The cost of Bad Boy mowers starts from a very low price and goes up to almost $24,000.

• Ferris Mowers

The least price of Ferris mowers is $7,000 and the highest one is $36,000.

Winner: The budget friendly award goes to Bad Boy.

Which One to Purchase?  

I guess you are still in that dilemma of which one to purchase between Bad Boy and Ferris.

Well, Ferris mowers have better horsepower,  deck variety and warranty. But, its price is too high.

On the other hand, Bad Boy mowers are much affordable and the horsepower is also alright with a better speed than Ferris.

How Fast is a Ferris Mower?

Answer: A Ferris mower is featured with an excellent speed of up to 10 mph. While mowing, this speed is compatible to finish the job on time or before that. Mostly, it is considered great for commercial firms or bigger lawns.

How Long Should a Bad Boy Mower Use the Same Fuel?

Answer: A Bad Boy mower runs well with the same fuel till it reaches 30 days. Because, after this duration, the efficiency of the fuel gradually goes below average. And, causes the mower to run imperfectly or issues in starting.

Final Thoughts

In short, selecting one mower from Bad Boy or Ferris is very tough when you don’t have enough knowledge of them. For that reason, consider the factors mentioned in the article regarding the Bad Boy mower vs Ferris mower.

If you have more queries, check out the discussions on Bad Boy mower troubleshooting and Ferris mower troubleshooting.

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