Bad Boy Mower vs Exmark Mower: What to Choose?

bad boy mower vs exmark mower

Let me guess first, you are switching to a new lawn mower and finding the best one. Aren’t you already confused between Bad Boy and Exmark mowers?

Well, that’s similar in everyone’s case. But, which mower is better between Bad Boy and Exmark? 

Among Bad Boy mowers and Exmark mowers, Bad Boy mowers are the best within an affordable budget.

Luckily, the article has covered A to Z of Bad Boy mower vs Exmark mower.

So, let’s end the suspension and get started.

Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower vs Exmark Mower

Considering your dilemma, the following chart is having the comparison of Bad Boy mower vs Exmark mower.

SerialKey FactorsBad BoyExmark
1DisplacementUp to 1100 cc925 cc (highest)
2Forward SpeedUp to 13 mph7 mph (highest)
4Deck Sizes42″ to 72″48″ – 144″
5Warranty1 to 2 years1 to 5 years
6Price$1,200 – $23,500Up to $29,000

All Discussion: Bad Boy Mower vs Exmark Mower

A fun fact is neither the Bad Boy mower is ignorable nor the Exmark mower. And, people get stuck at this point as both the mowers are eye-catching.

To clear your thoughts in this case, here is the description of their differences.

Therefore, let me drive your attention to them.

1. Displacement

Displacement is regarded as an important feature of a mower. Because it has a direct connection with the engine’s capability and the speed.

• Bad Boy Mower

Bad Boy mowers are capable of delivering up to 1100cc in their engines.

• Exmark Mower

Exmark mowers’ highest displacement is 925cc.

Winner: Bad Boy is far ahead in the race.

2. Forward Speed

The forward speed is for considering the fastness of the mower. In other words, how fast it can move forward while mowing.

• Bad Boy Mower

The best speed you can get from Bad Boy mowers is 13 mph.

• Exmark Mower

Exmark mowers are equipped with a forward speed of up to 7 mph.

Winner: Bad Boy is standing in the winner’s position.

3. Deck Sizes

Deck sizes are essential to be checked and without taking a proper deck size, your mower may not perform well. The more options you get in deck size, the better it is.

• Bad Boy Mower

Bad Boy mowers have different deck sizes and they are between 42″ to 72″.

• Exmark Mower

Exmark mowers are featured with the deck sizes starting from 42″ and ending at 144″.

Winner: Exmark has the winning trophy.

4. Warranty

Warranty of a lawn mower can not be ignored as it is related with the mower’s health condition. A mower with an expanded warranty is always preferred.

• Bad Boy Mower

Bad Boy mowers offer only a year or two years of warranty for the entire mower.

• Exmark Mower

Exmark mowers provide at least 1 year of warranty and bigger mowers have up to 5 years warranty.

Winner: Exmark is the victor.

5. Price

Without checking the mower’s price and considering its features, you shouldn’t purchase a mower. Because, not all mowers are affordable and also with too many features.

• Bad Boy Mower

Bad Boy mowers are found with a price range of $1,200 to $23,500.

• Exmark Mower

Exmark mowers are a bit expensive and they can cost up to $29,000.

Winner: Bad Boy mowers easily fit in budget.

Which One is Better?

It can happen that you are still in that dilemma of which one to choose. Because none of the mowers are easy to be defeated.

However, Bad Boy mowers are ahead in the race than Exmark mowers. Because their speed and displacement say most of the things.

And, their price shows how much more budget friendly they are than the Exmark mowers.

What Brand of Engine is On a Bad Boy Mower?

Answer: A Bad Boy mower can come up with a Kawasaki engine. The engine from Kohler brand is also used in Bad Boy mowers. A few mowers of Bad Boy are seen with Briggs and Stratton engines.

Do Exmark Mowers Make Their Own Engines?

Answer: Yes, but not for every mower and very few in numbers. Most of the time, they are equipped with Kawasaki, Kohler, Vanguard, and Yanmar engines.


Finally, let me assume that your confusion regarding the Bad Boy mower vs Exmark mower is already cleared. To be honest, both the mowers are much tougher to be compared and selecting the victor is way more difficult than that.

However, a friendly suggestion to you is to consider the factors at least twice to understand which mower can meet your lawn’s demand. To learn more about them, check out the Bad Boy mower problems and Exmark mower problems.

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