Bad Boy Mower vs Ariens Mower: The One You Need For!

bad boy mower vs ariens mower

Comparing Bad Boy mowers with the Ariens mowers is absolutely a wise move when the purpose is to get a new mower. Because none of them are easier to accept defeat.

But, which one is better between Bad Boy mower and Ariens mowers?

The better one is the Bad Boy mower considering its horsepower and cutting height. But, the price of them says Ariens mowers are a better deal within an affordable budget.

Now that you are here, stay till the end to know more about Bad Boy mower vs Ariens mower.

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Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower vs Ariens Mower

A fun fact is making the decision becomes quicker when you have the following Bad Boy mower vs Ariens mower comparison chart.

SerialKey FactorsBad Boy            Ariens
1HorsepowerUp to 2719 to 24
2Cutting Height1″ to 6″1.5″ to 5″
3Mowers VarietyUp to 15Up to 18
4WarrantyUp to 2 years2 to 4 years and 150 to 750 hours
5CostUp to $24,000$3,000 to $8,000

In-Depth Discussion: Bad Boy Mower vs Ariens Mower

The issue of confusion while shopping for a new mower was also in my time. And, when you meet Bad Boy mowers and Ariens mowers, the dilemma is obvious.

As I understand that well, I have prepared a discussion on Bad Boy mower vs Ariens mower to lead you.

Therefore, let me take you to the differences.

1. Horsepower

If you ask me about what to check first in a mower, I would mention its horsepower. The capacity of the engine can be known from it.

• Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy mowers can let you enjoy the engine horsepower on a maximum scale of 27 hp.

• Ariens Mowers

Ariens mowers are built with the engines that have a horsepower from 19 to 24 hp.

Winner: Bad Boy has more horsepower than Ariens.

2. Cutting Height

The cutting height on a mower is to let you make adjustments as per the grass type, density or length. The longer the cutting height is, the more you can adjust.

• Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy mowers have a cutting height of 1″ to 6″.

• Ariens Mowers

Ariens mowers serve with 1.5″ to 5″ of cutting height.

Winner: Bad Boy has extra scope for cutting height.

3. Mowers Variety

Varieties of mowers in a brand means you can select a mower that will be perfect for your lawn or purpose.

• Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy has introduced two series and they included up to 15 mowers.

• Ariens Mowers

Ariens have launched up to 18 mowers for different purposes.

Winner: Ariens mowers have wider options.

4. Warranty

An important feature to put importance is the warranty that is given with the mower.

• Bad Boy Mowers

Warranty on Bad Boy mowers is 1 or 2 years in total.

• Ariens Mowers

Ariens mowers can let you enjoy a warranty of 2 to 4 years and 150 to 750 hours.

Winner: Ariens mowers are extraordinary in this case.

5. Cost

Though you have already liked a mower, you should check out if it will fit your budget or not.

• Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy mowers can cost the buyer around $24,000.

• Ariens Mowers

The price of Ariens mowers starts at $3,000 and closes at $8,000.

Winner: Ariens mowers are wonderfully very low in price.

Which One to Select?

If your confusion is still right there, let me tell you.

Select Bad Boy mowers if you care about horsepower and deck size and cutting height.

If not, select Ariens mowers as they are super budget friendly with a noteworthy warranty.

What Kind of Oil Does an Ariens Lawn Mower Take?

Answer: An Ariens lawn mower is compatible with SAE-30 4 cycle engine oil. And, most of Ariens zero turn mowers perform well with SAE 10W-30 engine oils. But, the manufacturer guides clearly as per the mower.

How Much Horsepower Does a Bad Boy Magnum Have?

Answer: A Bad Boy MZ Magnum has the horsepower of 25 hp. It is equipped with an engine from Kohler and capable of running in your lawn with 25 hp. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent speed for the lawn.

Final Thoughts

My final thought on the matter of Bad Boy mower vs Ariens mower is each of them has a specific specialty. And, it is their power to catch the buyers attention and provide them the advantage.

However, you should stay more alert to consider their specifications evenly. To know more about them, take a look at troubleshooting Bad Boy lawn mower and Ariens mower troubleshooting.

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