[Solved!] Bad Boy Mower Starter Won’t Engage in 2023?

bad boy mower starter won't engage

A Bad Boy mower not starting or refusing to start is mostly a result of the starter that doesn’t engage. Well, that’s truly sad as the engagement of the starter is essential for letting the mower start and run.

But, why won’t a Bad Boy mower starter engage?

The possible reasons are the disconnected solenoid, battery with no charge, defective motor gears, wrong starting method, and slippery motor clutch.

Luckily, your selection of the article turned out correct as here you can see everything about the Bad Boy mower starter won’t engage. Of course, the fixes are on board, too.

So, why don’t you jump in?

Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower Starter Won’t Engage?

To make your Bad Boy mower troubleshooting easier, a chart of the causes and their remedies is included here.

Serial            Reasons                        Remedies
1Disconnected solenoidSecure connections of solenoid and starter
2Battery with no chargeCharge battery or reconnect it with starter
3Defective motor gearsInspect and install a new starter motor
4Wrong starting methodCheck out manual book for the correct way
5Slippery motor clutchClean the starter motor clutch or replace

One by One Discussion: Bad Boy Mower Starter Won’t Engage?

When a Bad Boy mower won’t start no click, the functioning of the starter is much responsible for it. Such a matter is its non engaging situation that is caused by various issues.

To introduce you with them, here is a discussion that carries their fixes, too.

Therefore, give it a check to make your stay worthwhile.

Reason 1: Disconnected Solenoid

A disconnected starter solenoid is a barrier for the starter in engaging.

The issue occurs when both the starter and the solenoid get disconnected from each other. Because their cables or wires are not tough to get loosened.

Solution: Secure the Connections of Solenoid and Starter

First, check out the wires between the starter and the solenoid. Then, secure them accordingly and the owner’s manual has the wiring diagram to assist you in this regard.

Reason 2: Battery With No Charge

The starter on a Bad Boy mower is an electric component and it gets power from the battery.

But, as soon as the battery drains charge completely, the starter won’t engage. The same happens when their connection becomes loose.

Solution: Charge the Battery or Reconnect It With Starter

In this case, your job is to charge the battery and avoid overcharging it. Then, reach the starter and reconnect it carefully with the battery.

Reason 3: Defective Motor Gears

A common scene is the starter won’t engage and make sounds like something is grinding.

It is usually a result of the motor gears that become defective after a long use. At that time, neither they engage the starter, nor the flywheel.

Solution: Inspect and Install a New Starter Motor

While inspecting, in case you find the gears as the culprits, that’s a bad sign. Because they are not repairable and you have to install a new starter motor.

Reason 4: Wrong Starting Method

A Bad Boy mower just clicks when trying to start is caused by the wrong starting method.

It is because the Bad Boy mowers have a fixed method of starting. But, when you follow the wrong procedure, the starter doesn’t get the command for starting.

Solution: Check Out Manual Book for the Correct Way

No, what you have to learn is how to start a Bad Boy mower. The article has a way to do it. Otherwise, the manual book can be an excellent guide.

Reason 5: Slippery Motor Clutch

The starter motor clutch on a Bad Boy lawn mower has the duty to engage the starter.

But, the clutch can slip a lot when it is overstretched or endures heavy workload. In some cases, dirt and debris on it remains there and causes issues for it.

Solution: Clean the Starter Motor Clutch or Replace It

In this respect, clean the starter motor clutch if your inspection says it is too dirty. In case its slippery condition is not curable with adjustment, replace the clutch.

Why isn’t My Bad Boy Mower Starting? 

Answer: A Bad Boy mower not starting is an indication that the battery is working with faults. Another cause is the fuel level is very low or the fuel on board is already expired or badly contaminated.

Why Does the Bad Boy Mower Starter Spin But Not Engage?

Answer: A defective starter solenoid is effectively responsible when the Bad Boy mower starter spins but won’t engage. In case, the starter itself is having loose wiring connections, its engagement doesn’t complete and causes it to spin only.

Final Verdict

Finally, you deserve an appreciation for staying till the end. I can assume that you found the article useful for your Bad Boy mower starter.

As it has the root causes of a Bad Boy mower starter won’t engage, you can inspect them to reach the exact one. Afterwards, applying the solution is effortless as it depends on the reason for the issue.

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