Why Bad Boy Mower Shuts Off When Blades Engaged?

bad boy mower shuts off when blades engaged

There are many Bad Boy mower types available and I guess you have one of them. And, that’s super exciting until the mower is paused when you engage the blades.

Aren’t you wondering why Bad Boy mower shuts off when blades engage?

Well, the reasons are defective safety switch, misadjusted deck belt, overgrown grass, pulleys not working, and poor charging level.

I must tell you that you are on the correct spot for finding the causes behind a Bad Boy mower shuts off when blades engaged. Luckily, the fixes are also here.

So, let’s get into the discussion.

Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower Shuts Off When Blades Engaged?

Before you learn the details, let me introduce you to a short note of the reasons for the problem and how you can erase them.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Defective safety switchInspect the switch wirings or change it
2Misadjusted deck beltGo through the belt and set it correctly
3Overgrown grassDon’t cut overgrown grass with mower blades
4Pulleys not workingCheck for damages and get new pulleys
5Poor charging levelEnsure connection with battery and charge it

Full Discussion: Bad Boy Mower Shuts Off When Blades Engaged?

In my case, when I encountered the Bad Boy mower shuts off when blades engaged, I was very terrified. That’s why I can relate to how worried you are right now.

However, to give you some relief, I have elaborated the details of the issue in this section with the solutions.

Therefore, make sure to give them a check.

Reason 1: Defective Safety Switch

The job of the safety switch is to turn the mower off when any safety issue is detected.

But, when it has any loose wiring, it tends to turn off quite frequently. The same can happen when you engage the blades.

Solution: Inspect the Switch Wirings or Change the Switch

In this regard, inspect the wirings of the safety switch and secure them on both sides. If the switch doesn’t work even after the changes, get a new safety switch. 

Reason 2: Misadjusted Deck Belt

A misadjusted deck belt will keep preventing the mower from running when you get the blades on duty.

It is because the belt has a direct connection with the blades. And, due to its wrong adjustment, it doesn’t do its job properly.

Solution: Go Through the Belt and Set It Correctly

Reaching the mower deck, you will get access to the deck belt. Take the manual book to see if it is set correctly or not. If not, take the actions to fit it there accurately.

Reason 3: Overgrown or Wet Grass

A Bad Boy mower feels a burden of overwork when you run it on overgrown or wet grass.

And, engaging the blades for cutting the grass is considered a bad decision for the mower. Due to such a heavy workload, it goes off duty in a jiffy.

Solution: Don’t Cut Overgrown Grass With Mower Blades

My suggestion in this case is don’t cut overgrown or wet grass with the mower blades. Because it will cause issues for both the mower and the blades.

Reason 4: Pulleys Not Working

I guess you have fixed the deck belt issue but the problem is not erased. In that case, the pulleys not working can be the culprit.

When they are close to getting old or working for a long time, damage can get on them. As a result, the deck belt finds trouble in functioning.

Solution: Check for Damages and Get New Pulleys

In case of the pulleys, you should perform a thorough inspection. If damages are visible on their body, I prefer getting them changed.

Reason 5: Poor Charging Level

A poor charging level is always a barrier for the mower.

When the mower has less charge, it shuts off as soon as the blades engage. Because due to blade engagement, the charge decreases too fast and the mower goes off duty.

Solution: Ensure Connection With Battery and Charge It

First, charge the battery and if the charging is not happening, check the connections. Securing the connections will ensure the battery is charging.

Why Does My Bad Boy Mower Shut Off While Cutting?

Answer: Your Bad Boy mower is undergoing a heavy workload that is causing it to shut off while cutting or mowing. Because overworking has an impact on the mower’s motor and causes it to overheat.

Why Does My Bad Boy Mower Stall When the Blades Get Engaged?

Answer: The Bad Boy mower working with a bad safety switch can let it stall as soon as the blades get engaged. In some cases, due to the less flow of air, the same situation can appear.

Final Words

In short, a Bad Boy mower shuts off when blades engaged is not an incident to ignore for long. Take a look at the issue, inspect it evenly and move ahead with the suitable remedy.

In case your Bad Boy mower starter won’t engage, check out the tips. In case the mower is still not starting, crosscheck your ways of how to start a Bad Boy mower.

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