[Solved!] Bad Boy Mower Safety Switch Locations

bad boy mower safety switch locations

On a Bad Boy mower, there are a few safety switches that are inseparable parts for the mower. Knowing their locations is essential for many reasons including taking care of them.

And, also the Bad Boy mower safety switch bypass requires you to reach the switch first.

Now, you must be thinking about where is the safety switch on a Bad Boy mower?

The seat safety switch is located under the operator’s seat and the parking brake safety switch is somewhere around the parking pedal.

However, troubleshooting the switch also demands you to know about the Bad Boy mower safety switch locations. Considering that, the article shows the way to the different safety switch locations.

So, don’t go anywhere else and stay till the end.

Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower Safety Switch Locations

When you are in a hurry and want to reach the safety switches, a summarized roadmap to them is all you need.

That’s why collect the roadmap from the given table.

SerialSafety Switches            Locations
1Seat Safety SwitchRight under the operator’s seat
2Brake Interlock SwitchBelow the parking brake arm
3Parking Brake SwitchSomewhere around brake pedal
4PTO SwitchIn the dashboard

Full Discussion: Bad Boy Mower Safety Switch Locations

Imagine your Bad Boy mower is having issues in functioning the safety switches. At this point, you head to do Bad Boy mower troubleshooting and locating the switches is unavoidable in this regard.

In case you haven’t checked them earlier or are a newbie, let me tell you that the safety switches have different locations. It is dependent on their purposes.

Therefore, check them out from the following described list.

1. Seat Safety Switch

The most important safety switch on a Bad Boy mower is the seat safety switch. And, its location is under the seat on which you sit and operate the mower.

2. Brake Interlock Safety Switch

The brake interlock safety switch on a Bad Boy mower is found below the parking brake arm and its color is grey. You may need to reach it when the hand brake malfunctions and blinks a red light.

3. Parking Brake Switch

Here comes another essential one and that is the parking brake switch. Look for it around the brake pedal.

4. PTO Switch

Are you looking for the PTO switch?

Well, it is in the dashboard and its size is pretty noteworthy with red color. To ensure the mower blades are safely off duty, turn the switch on.

How Does a Bad Boy Mower Safety Switch Work?

Answer: On a Bad Boy mower, the safety switch gets on duty when you free the control bar and let the handlebar rest. At that time, the switch immediately turns off the engine. In other words, it stops the ignition to avoid the mower running when you are not in the mower.

How to Tell if the Bad Boy Mower Safety Switch is Bad?

Answer: In case you suspect the safety switch on your Bad Boy mower is bad, observe it carefully. When you sit on the rider’s seat, the switch won’t perform its job if it is already dead. Moreover, about its continuity, a multimeter can tell you in a jiffy.

Final Words

Finally, let me guess, you have already learned about the Bad Boy mower safety switch locations. In my opinion, having enough knowledge of them is a must for every Bad Boy mower rider.

Otherwise, they may fail in checking the switches whenever they start malfunctioning. Well, a regular maintenance of the switches also needs you to know about their whereabouts. That’s why make the best use of the guidance.

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