Bad Boy Mower Safety Switch Bypass: Solved!

bad boy mower safety switch bypass

Bypassing a safety switch on a Bad Boy mower is not an appreciating matter as the switch is for safety purposes. A few Bad Boy mower problems can arise when you set the safety switch completely off duty.

In case you are aware of the consequences and made up your mind to bypass it, you must know the way to do it.

So, how to bypass a safety switch on a Bad Boy mower?

Start doing it by collecting the needed tools, parking the mower, disengaging the spark plug and battery, locating the safety switch, cutting the switch connectors and securing them, and starting the mower to check.

However, a Bad Boy mower safety switch bypass is performed by many users for different experiences. And, to guide you in doing it accurately, the article has described the process.

So, let’s get into the discussion without further suspension.

Method of Bypassing a Bad Boy Mower Safety Switch

Though the safety switch is vital for a Bad Boy mower, its safety actions are repetitive and come quite often. Due to this matter, many Bad Boy mower owners take the move to bypass the switch to ride the mower without stopping.

I can understand that you are having the same thoughts in mind and they lead you to here. Well, the following steps are the ultimate manners to bypass the switch.

Therefore, make your stay worthwhile by taking tips from them.

Step 1: Collect the Needed Tools

To execute an uninterrupted process, gathering the needed tools is the most important part.

You will need to wear safety gloves and goggles to avoid injuries. Then, gather a screwdriver, electric tape and pliers or wire cutters.

Step 2: Park the Bad Boy Mower

Right after that, take your mower to a flat and levelled ground and park it there. By engaging the parking lever on duty, the mower is set completely.

Step 3: Disengage the Spark Plug and Battery

Then, to ensure a step ahead safety, disengage the spark plug from your Bad Boy mower.

Don’t stop right here without disconnecting the battery. Because the mower won’t start even by chance.

Step 4: Locate the Safety Switch

Here comes another important step and I guess you know the Bad Boy mower safety switch location. If you have no idea of it, lift your rider’s seat and you can now see the safety switch.

Step 5: Cut the Safety Switch Connectors

Observing the switch, you can notice three wires or connectors are connected with it. You have to cut them and disconnect them from the switch.

Take the pliers or the wire cutter to perform this act.

Step 6: Secure the Wires

Now, you can not leave the cut wires in this way as it can be harmful. So, use the electric tape and secure the wires with the tape.

Step 7: Set Everything Back and Start the Mower

Finally, set everything back in their place including the spark plug, battery and the parking brake. Start the mower, sit on the rider’s seat and enjoy the bypassed safety switch.

When Do I Need to Bypass the Bad Boy Mower Safety Switch?

Answer: In some cases, you need to bypass the safety switch on your Bad Boy mower. While installing a new mower deck, the switch is recommended to bypass. The same condition is applicable when you are checking the mower blades to change them and installing new blades.

Why is My Bad Boy Mower Safety Switch Not Working?

Answer: On a Bad Boy mower, the safety switch stops working when its demand of power is not delivered to it. Due to loose wires or disconnection, the power flow gets hindered. Also, when it gets old enough, not functioning is a common incident.

Final Verdict

In the end, I must say that first be sure of your decision of Bad Boy mower safety switch bypass. It is because right after the bypass is done, the safety precautions taken by the switch won’t appear any longer.

However, as you are aware of the risks, my suggestion to you is completing the bypass in the correct manner by going with the article. Otherwise, even a small to tiny error can let you and the mower experience danger.

That’s why be more alert, buddy.

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