[Solved!] Fix Bad Boy Mower PTO Clutch Problems

bad boy mower pto clutch problems

Talking about the common Bad Boy mower problems, issues PTO clutch is a noteworthy one of them. Because they leave the mower in a good for nothing state.

But, what are the Bad Boy mower PTO clutch problems?

They are the PTO clutch vibrating, no voltage to clutch, clutch won’t engage, excessive noise in clutch, and slipping of PTO clutch.

In my opinion, you should step ahead with enough info of Bad Boy mower PTO clutch problems and how to erase them. Well, get them from the following discussion.

So, let’s get started.

Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower PTO Clutch Problems and Solutions

There are several issues and you may fail to recognize them in time and get late in applying the fixes.

That’s why make sure to check out the following table.

Serial            Problems                        Solutions
1PTO clutch vibratingInstall new clutch washer and bearings
2No voltage to clutchCharge battery and reconnect with clutch
3PTO clutch won’t engageRecheck connections and change wires
4Excessive noise in clutchLubricate the clutch in proper amount
5Slipping of PTO clutchClean clutch area and readjust the clutch

All Discussion: Bad Boy Mower PTO Clutch Problems with Solutions

What I experienced is the Bad Boy mower PTO clutch problems can appear in many ways.

For that reason, this section illustrates the issues along with their remedies.

Therefore take a glance at them one by one.

Problem 1: PTO Clutch Vibrating

Vibration in the PTO clutch is normal if that is bearable. But, when the vibration appears again and again, it becomes a concerning incident.

Due to the loose or damaged washer and bearings, the clutch faces the issue. If the bolt is not tight enough, the same occurs.

Solution: Install New Clutch Washer and Bearings

First, fix the tension of the clutch bolt and avoid over tightening it. Then, check the washer and bearings if they have rust or corrosion and I prefer replacing them.

Problem 2: No Voltage to Clutch

In some cases, the PTO clutch can get no voltage for a long time. Battery with zero charge can let it take place.

When it becomes an usual error, the battery can get disconnected from the clutch. As a result of it, though voltage is sent, it is not reaching the clutch.

Solution: Charge the Battery and Reconnect With Clutch

Well, try by recharging the battery and observing the clutch. Then, reconnect the battery with the clutch to make sure the voltage is reaching there.

Problem 3: PTO Clutch Won’t Engage

Though you are trying hard, the PTO clutch won’t engage and it’s because of the damaged wires.

Let me explain it to you. The wires can be broken or have damages anyhow. And, it causes them to get disconnected and not to flow to the power to engage the clutch.

Solution: Recheck Connections and Change Wires

Your job is to recheck the PTO clutch connections and ensure their continuity. While doing it, you can meet some frayed or damaged wires. I suggest replacing them without delay.

Problem 4: Excessive Noise in Clutch

The PTO clutch making noise is not a regular matter and it demands proper inspection.

Well, the cause behind it can be the lubrication of the clutch has come to an end. As a result, the gears of the clutch are producing the noise.

Solution: Lubricate the Clutch in Proper Amount

In this case, check the PTO clutch carefully and observe the lubrication. If lack of lubrication is the cause, apply lubrication in the proper amount.

Problem 5: Slipping of PTO Clutch

A PTO clutch slipping when the PTO is engaged is not an ignorable issue.

When the clutch area gets dirty, it affects the clutch in staying in its position. The clutch armature or the rotor can have excessive dirt and debris that is harmful for the clutch.

Solution: Clean Clutch Area and Readjust the Clutch

As dirt and debris are the culprits, you have to get rid of them. That’s why clean the PTO clutch area with much care to ensure the clutch will remain in position.

What are the Signs of a Bad Boy Mower PTO Clutch Failure?

Answer: When a PTO clutch fails in a Bad Boy mower, the mower blades can not get engaged and not even function. In some cases, the spinning of the blades decreases when the clutch is close to getting bad.

What Causes a Bad Boy Mower PTO Clutch to Go Bad?

Answer: A Bad Boy mower PTO clutch goes bad when you install it in an inaccurate manner. And, it can not work due to it. Also, too much lubrication or lack of lubrication can affect it significantly.

Final Verdict

On top of everything, a Bad Boy mower never fails to surprise us with its praiseworthy efficiency.

But, the Bad Boy mower PTO clutch problems can hamper that. Before the issues turn bigger, you should erase them by taking tips from the article.

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