Why Bad Boy Mower Just Clicks When Trying to Start?

bad boy mower just clicks when trying to start

A Bad Boy mower producing clicking sounds when you try to start it is undoubtedly an annoying matter.

But, why does a Bad Boy mower click when trying to start? 

The possible causes are solenoid grounding issue, no delivery of voltage, defective starter motor, starter not connecting, and improper starting method.

The troubleshooting process will need you to have enough knowledge of Bad Boy mower just clicks when trying to start. The article has got your back in this regard.

So, why don’t you get started?

Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower Just Clicks When Trying To Start?

I guess you are not sure of where to start inspecting first. That’s why a chart of the possible reasons and the way to fix them is included here.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Solenoid grounding issueInspect the frame and clean the corrosion
2No delivery of voltagePut battery on charging and reconnect it
3Defective starter motorInspect the continuity or get it changed
4Starter not connectingCheck the starter and connect it again
5Improper starting methodEnsure starting the mower in a proper way

One by One Fixes: Bad Boy Mower Just Clicks When Trying To Start?

For a Bad Boy mower owner, hearing clicking sounds when the mower is undergoing starting procedure is not at all pleasant. But, without reaching the root of it, he can not do anything.

As I can relate with that, here is a discussion on what causes the clicking sound and how you can uproot that smartly.

Therefore, feel free to continue reading.

Reason 1: Solenoid Grounding Issue

When the solenoid cable is not grounded properly in the mower’s frame, it may produce clicking sounds.

Because the cable that needs to be grounded can get corrosion on it. And, it is obvious that corrosion is a disturbance for the cables to work properly.

Solution: Inspect the Frame and Clean the Corrosion

As the situation is affecting the mower’s starting, inspect the frame immediately. If you find corrosion is the culprit, remove it and clean the cable. Then, ensure the grounding is perfectly done.

Reason 2: No Delivery of Voltage

No delivery of voltage to the starter unit is an effective cause.

Because when the battery is left with no charge or less charge, delivery of voltage gets interrupted. As a result, the starter can not work continuously and lets you hear clicks.

Solution: Put Battery On Charging and Reconnect it

The easiest way to solve it is putting the battery on charge. If charge is not the issue, reconnect the battery with the starter unit. But, do it with much care.

Reason 3: Defective Starter Motor

The starter motor on a Bad Boy mower is connected with the battery and the solenoid.

As it is an important part for starting the mower, the defective condition of it is like a threat. Because of it, the solenoid circuit fails to work but just clicks.

Solution: Inspect the Continuity or Get it Changed

In this case, inspect the continuity of the motor and if any positivity is found, check its connections. Otherwise, get the starter motor changed.

Reason 4: Starter Not Connecting

Bad Boy mower starter won’t engage is another reason for the clicking sound that you are experiencing.

The starter fails to get engaged when its connections are tending to get loosened. In some cases, due to corrosion, the starter may not get the power through the cables.

Solution: Check the Starter and Connect it Again

First, start by checking the starter and cleaning it carefully including its cables. Then, connect it again with the components it is supposed to be connected to.

Reason 5: Improper Starting Method

Starting the Bad Boy mower in an improper method won’t let you start it but just create issues.

When you step the wrong one, the mower fails to start. But the command may reach to the solenoid and it starts clicking.

Solution: Ensure Starting the Mower in a Proper Way

Whenever you are starting a Bad Boy mower, follow the proper method. The owner’s manual book already has the process of how to start a Bad Boy mower.

Why Does My Bad Boy Mower Just Click Without Starting? 

Answer: A Bad Boy mower just clicks without starting is mostly the result of the starter getting disconnected from the battery. As that happens, the starter solenoid also doesn’t get any continuous command and just clicks.

Why Does a Bad Boy Starter Solenoid Click But the Starter Doesn’t Crank?

Answer: A Bad Boy mower starter solenoid clicks but the starter doesn’t crank is caused by the faulty circuit of the solenoid. As it doesn’t get connected or work, the relay between the starter and solenoid also gets disconnected and the starter doesn’t crank.

Final Words

In the end, one matter is clear that the more you pay attention to the Bad Boy mower, the less it will fall in danger, including the clicking issue.

Now that you know why a Bad Boy mower just clicks when trying to start, fixing it is easier. In case your Bad Boy mower won’t start no click, don’t forget to troubleshoot it before it’s too late.

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