Help! Bad Boy Mower Hydraulic Problems

bad boy mower hydraulic problems

A Bad Boy mower can easily put you in a tiring situation when it gets hydraulic issues. Aren’t you already getting tense due to the problems?

Well, I guess so. But, what are the common Bad Boy mower hydraulic problems?

They are the noise in hydraulic pump, leakage in hosepipes, rust on metal parts, imbalanced fluid level, and high fluid temperature.

Considering your queries, I have included the Bad Boy mower hydraulic problems and their fixes in this article.

So, let’s hurry and jump in.

Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower Hydraulic Problems 

To perform an inspection, you may need the list of the Bad Boy mower hydraulic problems and their uprooting ways.

Here’s one attached for you.

Serial            Problems                        Solutions
1Noise in hydraulic pumpChange hydraulic fluid and fluid filter
2Leakage in hosepipesSearch leakages and replace hosepipes
3Rust on metal partsLook for rust or damages and change them
4Imbalanced fluid levelEnsure sufficient level of hydraulic fluid
5High fluid temperatureDrain hydraulic fluid and refill new fluid

All Solutions: Bad Boy Mower Hydraulic Problems

In my case, I faced great troubles when Bad Boy mower hydraulic issues showed up in the mower. But, Bad Boy mower troubleshooting was easy as I knew the tips.

I understand your worries and that’s why both the issues and the remedies are detailed here.

Therefore, make your stay worthwhile by going through them.

Problem 1: Noise in Hydraulic Pump

Noises coming from the hydraulic pump can surely blow your peace of mind.

Well, contamination of air or water in the hydraulic fluid is the main cause of the noises. In some cases, the fluid filter gets damaged or clogged and doesn’t purify the fluid can let it happen, too. 

Solution: Change Hydraulic Fluid and Fluid Filter

The solution to the issue is changing the fluid and observing if the sounds are gone or not. If not, try replacing the fluid filter in case it is not anymore in a condition to be cleaned.

Problem 2: Leakage in Hosepipes

Hydraulic hosepipes starting to leak is not a pleasant matter for the mower.

Because of damage, they can leak anytime and cause the mower parts to malfunction. Even the seals can leak when they get old or are not being taken care of. 

Solution: Search Leakages and Replace the Hosepipes

Search for the leakages around the hose pipes and the seals. Presence of fluid around them is a sign of leakage. Replace the hose pipes and seals right after that.

Problem 3: Rust On Metal Parts

On a Bad Boy mower, the hydraulic unit has many metal parts including the springs, nuts and bolts.

But, they get rust on them after being used for an elongated duration. Due to the rust, damages are common for them and all these hinders the hydraulic unit in working.

Solution: Look for Rust or Damages and Change Them

First, reach the hydraulic unit and look for rust or damages on its metal components. Then, take measures to replace the parts without any delay.

Problem 4: Imbalanced Fluid Level

An ignorance of the rider can be not checking the fluid level before getting on the Bad Boy mower.

Because when the fluid level goes below normal or required, the hydraulic unit overheats.

It affects the entire mower including the engine. And, overfilled fluid is responsible for leaking.

Solution: Ensure Sufficient Level of Hydraulic Fluid

Your job in this case is ensuring the fluid tank is filled with the sufficient level of fluid. Avoid overfilling the fluid or keeping it too low.

Problem 5: High Fluid Temperature

The hydraulic fluid, at some points, can get higher temperature than usual.

As it is not a normal matter, it influences the tensioner pulleys and other components. Using contaminated fluid is considered the cause for fluid temperature rising.

Solution: Drain Hydraulic Fluid and Refill New Fluid

In this case, check the fluid and look for bubbles in it. Anything wrong with the fluid demands draining it and refilling new fluid immediately.

What Are the Signs of Hydraulic Failure in a Bad Boy Mower?

Answer: In a Bad Boy mower, when the hydraulic failure takes place, the mower runs slower than usual. The weird noises at that time is another noteworthy sign. Also, fluid temperature doesn’t stay in limitation at that point.

What Happens When Hydraulic Fluid is Low on a Bad Boy Mower?

Answer: When a Bad Boy mower runs with low hydraulic fluid, the engine can overheat along with the cylinders. Air contamination can also occur due to it. Moreover, more hydraulic issues are invited by low hydraulic fluid.

Final Verdict

In short, Bad Boy mower hydraulic problems are quite frustrating when it comes to riding the mower beyond hazards.

However, letting them live in the mower can get more troubles. That’s why get on duty to troubleshoot the issues following the article and uproot them quickly.

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