Why Bad Boy Mower Hour Meter Not Working? Solved!

bad boy mower hour meter not working

Among the Bad Boy mower problems, issues in the hour meter is a noticeable one. Well, it is obviously irritating as it is related to the mower’s workability and run time.

But, why is the Bad Boy mower hour meter not working?

That’s due to the power not reaching it, battery with no charge, incorrect hour meter, bad hour meter, and the fuse is burnt.

As you are already here, let me tell you that here you will get everything about the Bad Boy mower hour meter not working and how to troubleshoot that.

So, do not wait any longer and get into the trifles.

Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower Hour Meter Not Working

An effortless but effective manner for inspection is carrying the concept of what are the causes and how to apply fixes.

That’s why take a glance at the following chart.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Power not reaching itCheck all its wires and adjust them carefully
2Battery with no chargeCharge the battery, reconnect it or replace
3Incorrect hour meterInspect its compatibility and change it
4Bad hour meterGet the hour meter replaced
5Fuse is burntInstall a new and compatible fuse

Detailed Discussion: Why Bad Boy Mower Hour Meter Not Working?

When your Bad Boy mower hour meter not working, don’t get stressed too early. It is because a few irregularities are encountered to be the reasons behind it.

And, I have listed them in the following discussion. Of course, how can I forget about their remedies!

Therefore, let me introduce them one by one.

Reason 1: Power Not Reaching It

We know that an hour meter is an electro component that demands power or voltage to run.

But, when its wires are close to being loosened, their efficiency also deteriorates. Due to the occurrence, power can not reach the hour meter.

Solution: Check All Its Wires and Adjust Them Carefully

The solution to the issue includes inspecting the wires of the hour meter. And, having a wiring diagram from the manual book, adjust them carefully.

Reason 2: Battery With No Charge

I have already mentioned that the hour meter on a Bad Boy mower is dependent on voltage.

But, when there is no charge in the battery, it gets no power. One thing can happen that the battery has charge but due to loose connection, the voltage is not reaching the hour meter.

Solution: Charge The Battery, Reconnect It or Replace

In this case, try charging the battery. Then, reconnect it with much attention and also after turning the mower off. If these steps disappoint you, replace the battery.

Reason 3: Incorrect Hour Meter

There are several types of hour meters available in the market for Bad Boy mowers.

When you don’t know the requirements of your mower for an hour mower, you can get an incorrect one, though mistakenly. As a result, it fails to get on board to work with the mower.

Solution: Inspect Its Compatibility and Change It

First, inspect the hour meter’s compatibility and match it with your Bad Boy mower’s demand. If there is no match, install a new hour meter quickly.

Reason 4: Bad Hour Meter

A bad hour meter is another possible cause of its no working state.

Because the hour meter is an electric part that works along with the mower. Gradually, it becomes weak with day by day workload and tends to be bad in the end.

Solution: Get the Hour Meter Replaced

What I think is the hour meter also has a capacity and it is obvious to get less efficient over time. Therefore, check it evenly and get it replaced with a new hour meter.

Reason 5: Fuse is Burnt

When the fuse is burnt, the hour meter won’t work at all.

It is because the fuse is considered an essential component to let the electric units work freely. But, when a power surge or short circuit attacks the fuse, it gets badly burnt.

Solution: Install a New and Compatible Fuse

When you are inspecting the fuse, check its health condition thoroughly. If any brown or dark spot is noticed, it is already burnt. So, install a new and compatible fuse.

How Does an Hour Work on a Bad Boy Mower? 

Answer: On a Bad Boy mower, the hour meter works for counting the run time of the mower. Not only this, when the mower is off duty and the time is elapsed, the hour meter has info of that duration, too.

How to Turn on the Hour Meter on a Bad Boy Mower?

Answer: When you notice the hour meter on your Bad Boy mower is off duty, turn it on again. Ensuring enough charge in the battery, switch on the power key of the hour meter.

Final Verdict

In the end, I guess you also know that the hour meter is an essential part of a Bad Boy mower. Depending on that, the Bad Boy mower hour meter not working is absolutely a concerning incident.

Fortunately, you already got to know the causes and their specific remedies. However, if your plan is to reset it, feel free to check out how to reset hour meter on a Bad Boy mower.

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