Help! How to Fix Bad Boy Mower Electrical Problems?

bad boy mower electrical problems

In the long run of being a Bad Boy mower owner, many types of Bad Boy mower problems can irritate you. Electrical issues are noteworthy among them.

You must be wondering what are the Bad Boy mower electrical problems?

Well, they are the defects in the battery, faulty ignition switch, fuse in blown state, malfunctioning hour meter, and corrosion on wires.

As I understand your queries, I have figured out the Bad Boy mower electrical problems and described them with the remedies.

So, let’s not wait anymore and jump in.

Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower Electrical Issues and Remedies

When you think of inspecting the electrical errors, make sure to have the following list of them with the fixes.

Serial            Problems                        Remedies
1Defects in the batteryEnsure continuity or get it changed
2Faulty ignition switchClean the switch, secure its terminals
3Fuse in blown stateInspect carefully and replace the fuse
4Malfunctioning hour meterCheck cables and change the bad ones
5Corrosion on wiresKeep the wires clean and checked

A – Z Discussion: Bad Boy Mower Electrical Problems With Solutions

It is needless to mention that the Bad Boy mower electrical issues are much more frustrating than others. That’s why in Bad Boy lawn mower troubleshooting, you need to proceed with complete ideas.

Keeping that in mind, this part is replete with the common ones and their solutions.

Therefore, don’t forget to go through them.

Problem 1: Defects in the Battery

One of the most common you will encounter is several defects in the battery.

For example, it won’t charge after a long time of being used. Also, it drains charge too quickly than earlier. All these indicate the battery is dead and it won’t provide the voltage anymore.

Solution: Ensure Continuity or Get It Changed

In case of such battery issues, you should first check its continuity and clean it for better inspection. If no continuity is noticed or continuity is not spontaneous, change the battery without delay.

Problem 2: Faulty Ignition Switch

When you observe Bad Boy mower starting problems, the ignition switch is probably the culprit.

Because when it gets filled with soil or dirt, it doesn’t function at all. In some cases, the terminals of the switch can get tightened or loosened which is unusual for it to work.

Solution: Clean the Switch and Secure Its Terminals

Before the ignition switch goes completely bad, you should get on duty to clean it evenly. Then, follow its terminals and clean them and of course, secure them as they demand.

Problem 3: Fuse in Blown State

The fuse in your Bad Boy mower can be in a blown state after being encountered with a short circuit.

The fact is when you get a wrong fuse with incorrect voltage capacity, it fails to keep pace with the mower’s voltage. Consequently, the short circuit influences it badly and it goes blown.

Solution: Inspect Carefully and Replace the Fuse

The way to get rid of it is checking the fuse first and ensuring it is the correct one. Otherwise, get the correct size fuse immediately. In case you find it blown, the same fix is applicable.

Problem 4: Malfunctioning Hour Meter

Sometimes, you will notice the hour meter on your Bad Boy mower is not showing the hours or malfunctioning quite often.

Well, it is a sign that the hour meter is running with damaged cables. These are responsible for letting it have an imbalanced flow of power.

Solution: Check Its Cables and Change the Damaged Ones

As the hour meter is an electric component, do not think twice in checking its cables. If any of them is damaged, replace that with a similar one and install correctly.

Problem 5: Corrosion On Wires

Corrosion on electric wires in your Bad Boy mower is not a frequent issue. Because over time, when you forget about cleaning the wires, they get corrosion.

Besides this, wear and tear is very common for them with regular usage. And of course, these conditions are the culprit behind imbalanced power flow.

Solution: Keep The Wires Clean and Checked

A friendly reminder is you should always check the wires whenever you are maintaining the mower. Also, cleaning them has a great impact on them in avoiding wear and tear.

Why is My Bad Boy Mower Losing Power?

Answer: A Bad Boy mower loses power when its deck is not cleaned and fraught with obsessive dirt and grass. It affects the mower with extra workload and the mower’s motor starts overheating. Consequently, the mower loses power gradually.

Why Won’t a Bad Boy Mower Electric Start Work?

Answer: A Bad Boy mower electric start won’t work when the fuse or circuit is not functioning well. A disconnected starting unit from the battery can be another effective cause. Another one is the corrosion on the terminals.


In my opinion, Bad Boy mower electrical problems are way more hazardous than other problems. It is because they are connected to each electrical component and influence each other.

For that reason, you shouldn’t waste time in thinking when any of them appears in your mower. Moreover, don’t forget to step ahead with the solutions.

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