Bad Boy Mower Electric Deck Lift Problems: Solved!

bad boy mower electric deck lift problems

One of the Bad Boy mower problems is the electric deck lift issues. No matter you are mowing or leveling the deck, they can trouble you anytime.

But, what are the Bad Boy mower deck lift problems?

They are the deck shaft not moving, deck is not levelled, moisture on actuator, rust on deck lift pedal, and bad actuator sealing.

In case you are looking for the Bad Boy mower electric deck lift problems, you selected the perfect article. Along with the issues, their smart remedies are included, too.

So, why don’t you hurry to dive in?

Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower Electric Deck Lift Problems

Different Bad Boy mower electric deck lift issues can occur and you are probably not familiar with them.

That’s why take a glance at the following list of them.

Serial            Problems                        Remedies
1Deck shaft not movingClean the screws, and apply grease on them
2Deck is not levelledAdjust the deck and level it on each side
3Moisture on actuatorCheck the actuator and get it changed
4Rust on deck lift pedalInspect the pedal and clean the rusty parts
5Bad actuator sealingSeal the actuator housing immediately

Detailed Discussion: Bad Boy Mower Electric Deck Lift Problems

On a Bad Boy mower, electric deck lift problems are different from each other and they have particular causes behind them. For that reason, I thought of talking about them in detail with their suitable remedies.

Therefore, let me drive your attention to their discussion.

Problem 1: Deck Shaft Not Moving

The deck shaft is an important part to let the deck go up and down freely.

But, when the screws in the shaft are not going in and out, the lifting hazards arrive. The shaft with these defects also influences the other deck components.

Solution: Clean Screws and Apply Grease On Them

First, start by checking the screws and then, clean them by taking them out. Now, apply grease on them and it will prevent rust on them.

Problem 2: Deck is Not Levelled

An electric deck on your Bad Boy mower seems to have lifting issues when the deck is not levelled.

In other words, while adjusting its height, you may make a mistake and level it wrong on any side. And, it causes the deck to lift barriers.

Solution: Adjust the Deck and Level It On Each Side

Now, you have to adjust the deck carefully. In case you are unable to level the deck, check out how to adjust deck height on a Bad Boy mower.

Problem 3: Moisture On Actuator

Moisture on the actuator is a significant problem for the electric deck.

Not only moisture, anything wrong with the actuator directly affects the deck. When the actuator is defective or bad, it catches several irregularities.

Solution: Check the Actuator and Get It Changed

In this case, you should take a move once you check the actuator. I prefer replacing it with a new one in case it is not working or has any influencing faults.

Problem 4: Rust On Deck Lift Pedal

On your Bad Boy mower, the electric deck lifting barricades can show up due to rust on the deck lift pedal.

When the pedal is not purified or cleaned for a long duration, it gets dirty and corrosion. Getting in touch with moisture, it catches rust quickly.

Solution: Inspect the Pedal and Clean the Rusty Parts

Collect a rust penetrator and inspect the pedal first. Try wiping or cleaning it and then, apply the penetrate and clean the rust thoroughly.

Problem 5: Bad Actuator Sealing

Another actuator issue is its weakened sealing. And, I guess you may not be familiar with it.

As the actuator works regularly, the sealing on its housing can wear out or leak. And, this is considered a red flag for the actuator to malfunction.

Solution: Seal the Actuator Housing Immediately

Once you reach the actuator, give it a proper check including its sealing. If any damage on sealing is noticed, seal the housing immediately with new sealant.

When Should I Level My Bad Boy Mower Deck?

Answer: A Bad Boy mower deck should be levelled when you are mowing in different seasons. Because the grass type, their growth, density, and height differ in each season. That’s why considering them, level the deck in every season.

Why Won’t My Bad Boy Mower Deck Raise or Lower?

Answer: A Bad Boy mower deck won’t raise or lower when its actuator is in touch with water or moisture. If the linkage of the deck is damaged, the same difficulty tends to come up.


On the whole, Bad Boy mower electric deck lift problems are not not so frequent ones and they are a result of our carelessness. If you pay more heed to the mower’s wellbeing, such issues can not come at all.

However, go with the tips detailed in the article and inspect the problems. Then, all you have to do is apply the fixes.

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