Help! Bad Boy Mower Dies When Blades Are Engaged?

bad boy mower dies when blades are engaged

Nothing can be more tiring than a Bad Boy mower dying while mowing. In other words, when the blades get engaged, the mower refuses to stay running.

But, why does a Bad Boy mower die when blades are engaged?

The possible causes are the stuck blades, overtightened blades, blades out of power, tall or dense grass, and reverse mode on duty.

Don’t get worried since here you can get all the info of Bad Boy mower dies when blades are engaged including the remedies.

So, let’s get started.

Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower Dies When Blades Are Engaged?

I prefer taking help from the following list of the reasons and the solutions for quick inspection.

Serial            Reasons                        Fixes
1Blades are stuckInspect the blades and clean them evenly
2Overtightened bladesCheck the blades tension and readjust it
3Blades out of powerGo through the wirings and reset them
4Tall or dense grassCut the grass before mowing with the blades
5Reverse mode on dutyTurn reverse mode off when blades engage

Detailed Discussion: Bad Boy Mower Dies When Blades Are Engaged?

When a Bad Boy mower shuts off when blades engaged, it surely gives a frustrating moment. Well, I had the same feelings in my case.

To introduce you with the main causes and their fixing ways, I have discussed them here.

Therefore, continue scrolling to take a look at them.

Reason 1: Blades Are Stuck

Stuck blades are the most common reason for your mower to go off duty when the blades get engaged.

In some cases, you may forget to clean the blades after every use. And, it is a red flag for them as any solid material or heavy grass can make them stuck.

Solution: Inspect the Blades and Clean Them Evenly

First, stop the mower and check the blades thoroughly. Then, look for anything between them and remove that if you find any.

Reason 2: Overtightened Blades

Overtightened blades are one of the easiest causes for the blades to work in a bad situation.

While adjusting or installing tha blades, one can over tighten them mistakenly. And, it leads them to put much pressure while working and it causes trouble for the mower.

Solution: Check the Blades Tension and Readjust It

In this regard, you should check the tension of the blades and see if your hands can spin them freely. If not, do not think twice in slightly loosening the blades.

Reason 3: Blades Out of Power

On a Bad Boy mower, the blades can be in a condition of completely out of power.

Well, when they get disconnected from the battery, they get no voltage. And, if this continues, when you engage them, the motor overheats and stops the mower.

Solution: Go Through the Wirings and Reset Them

The only way to fix the trouble is going through the mower blades wirings. Do not forget to clean them to avoid corrosion and reset them carefully. 

Reason 4: Tall or Dense Grass

Another noteworthy reason is having tall or dense grass in the lawn.

Because too tall or dense grass is not at all recommended to be cut with mower blades. It creates excessive pressure on the blades and the mower’s motor.

Solution: Cut the Grass Before Mowing With the Blades

The solution to this issue is cutting the grass before you start mowing them with your Bad Boy mower blades. And, always check the grass and its growth before mowing.

Reason 5: Reverse Mode On Duty

A silly mistake of a Bad Boy mower rider is engaging the blades when the mower is in reverse mode.

Well, you heard it right. The mower blades won’t be engaged when you are running the mower in reverse. Even the mower deck won’t be raised or lowered.

Solution: Turn Reverse Mode Off When Blades Are Engaged

As the blade’s engagement is hampered and the mower dies due to it, you should be more careful from now on. That’s why turn the reverse mode off when blades are about to get engaged.

Why Won’t My Bad Boy Mower Blades Stay Engaged?

Answer: The engagement of Bad Boy mower blades are dependent on the deck belt. But, when the belt is observed to be loosened, it comes out of pulleys and stops working. Well, it is the main cause for the blades to get disengaged again and again.

How Much Should I Tighten the Bad Boy Mower Blades?

Answer: The tension of blades on your Bad Boy mower should not be overtightened or too loose. Because both of the conditions are harmful for their functionality. Make sure that the tension won’t allow them to move without engagement.


In short, going with the regular maintenance can let your Bad Boy mower from several troubles. The same goes for the issue of Bad Boy mower dies when blades are engaged.

Mark my words, pay more attention to the mower and get rid of the error. However, in case your Bad Boy mower won’t start, check out how to start a Bad Boy mower.

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