Bad Boy Mower Bogs Down When Blades Engaged?

bad boy mower bogs down when blades engaged

A Bad Boy lawn mower bogging down when the blades are just now engaged is not less than a frustrating incident.

But, why does a Bad Boy mower bog down when blades are engaged? 

It is due to wet and dense grass, loose drive belt, blades are not sharp, spindles not turning, and issues in PTO clutch.

To inform you with A to Z of Bad Boy mower bogs down when blades engaged, the article has come up with the causes and fixes.

So, stay connected till the end.

Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower Bogs Down When Blades Engaged?

To inspect it thoroughly, go through the following chart that contains the reasons and solutions.

Serial            Reasons                        Fixes
1Wet and dense grassAdjust the mower deck height
2Loose drive beltClean the belt, readjust it with correct tension
3Blades are not sharpSharpen the blades or install new ones
4Spindles not turningPurify the spindles and their bearings
5Issues in PTO clutchCheck the clutch or get it replaced

In-Depth Discussion: Bad Boy Mower Bogs Down When Blades Engaged?

Imagine arranging time for mowing the lawn. But the Bad Boy mower bogs down when blades engaged. Mowing is stopped before starting.

To get your mower out of the trouble, this section is filled with the causes and how you can erase them.

Therefore, continue scrolling to learn them.

Reason 1: Wet and Dense Grass

Wet and dense grass is the most common reason behind the issue. When you are irregular in mowing, the grass becomes dense noticeably.

As a result, wet and dense grasses become hard to mow in case you haven’t changed the deck height. Because of it, the mower faces a heavy workload when the blades are engaged.

Solution: Adjust the Mower Deck Height

Whenever you are moving ahead to mow the lawn, check the grass type and their density. Depending on that, adjust your Bad Boy mower deck height.

Reason 2: Loose Drive Belt

A drive belt is an essential component to engage the Bad Boy mower blades. But, when it malfunctions, the blades won’t engage.

A loose drive belt won’t keep them engaged. In some cases, it tends to bog down the mower when you try to engage the blades.

Solution: Clean the Belt, Readjust It With Correct Tension

Before you correct its tension, clean the drive belt carefully. Right after that, adjust it around the spindles and by maintaining the accurate tension that it demands.

Reason 3: Blades Are Not Sharp

A Bad Boy mower bogs down when you engage the dull blades.

Well, that’s a true fact and it tends to affect the mower mostly. It is because dull blades are of no use in cutting grasses. And, the mower overheats due to it and bogs down.

Solution: Sharpen the Blades or Install New Ones

First, try sharpening your Bad Boy mower blades. If that doesn’t seem to help, install new blades in your Bad Boy mower.

Reason 4: Spindles Not Turning

You may have fixed the drive belt but it won’t work till the spindles spin.

The spindles get the issue when they are jammed with excessive dirt and debris. The same happens to their bearings and causes the spindles to stay idle.

Solution: Purify the Spindles and Their Bearings

In this case, check the spindles and the bearings and purify them carefully. Try to avoid any damages to them. If there are any grease points, lubricate them.

Reason 5: Issues In PTO Clutch

Bad Boy mower PTO clutch problems have a connection in disturbing the mower when blades are engaged.

It is because the PTO clutch is a connected part that is used for engaging the blades. But, when it reaches the destination to become bad, the mower faces difficulties in staying on even after engaging the blades.

Solution: Check the Clutch or Get It Replaced

Before you step into any major change, I prefer checking the PTO clutch thoroughly. Cleaning it helps sometimes. Otherwise, get it replaced soon.

Why Does My Bad Boy Mower Lose Power When I Engage the Blades?

Answer: In case your Bad Boy mower runs with a bad or loose deck belt, the mower won’t stay on when the blades are engaged. In case the gas tank has moisture or water and the deck has dirt, the same situation occurs.

Why Won’t My Bad Boy Mower Blades Stay Engaged?

Answer: Your Bad Boy mower blades won’t stay engaged for a long time when the battery loses charge or doesn’t send the voltage. Also, defects in blades cables and deck belts in a bad condition can let the blades suffer.


In my opinion, a Bad Boy mower bogs down when blades engaged is not an ignorable matter. Any negligence to it leads to several more issues for the mower.

That’s why make sure to check the possible causes and uproot them with much care. In case your query is for are Bad Boy lawn mower blades reverse thread, take a glimpse of the article.

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