[Help] Why Bad Boy Mower Blades Won’t Engage?

bad boy mower blades won't engage

A Bad Boy mower having trouble in engaging the blades becomes a common affair after a certain period of using it. I can assume that issue has got you here.

But, have you wondered why Bad Boy mower blades won’t engage?

The possible reasons are loose or overstretched deck belt, bad bearings, less power from the battery, malfunctioning PTO switch, clutch fails to work, and the fuse is blown.

When you know the reasons behind this occurrence, applying the remedies becomes much easier. Fortunately, you have got everything ready here regarding the problem and its fixes.

So, let’s dive in without further suspension.

Quick Overview: Why Bad Boy Mower Blades Won’t Engage?

A brief and apt idea is a way better option in quick inspections. Therefore, make your stay worthwhile by taking a glance at the table of reasons and solutions.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Loose or Overstretched Deck BeltTighten or Switch to a New Belt
2Bad Condition of BearingsChange the Bearings
3Less Power from the BatteryClean the Unit or Replace the Battery
4Malfunctioning PTO SwitchGet a New One
5Clutch Fails to WorkObserve and Replace it
6Fuse is BlownGet a New Fuse

In-Depth Talk: Why Mower Blades Won’t Engage?

A tiresome feeling appears when the Bad Boy mower blades won’t engage and hinders in cutting the grasses. But, you won’t have to face this anymore.

The details of each reason for this trouble are provided in this segment along with their specific remedies.

Well, let me break them down for you.

Reason 1: Loose or Overstretched Deck Belt

A deck belt is the one that helps the Bad Boy mower blades to turn on and continue the actions. But, as the belt is used regularly along with the mower, problems are common to attack it.

It can wear out gradually and get scratched, too. Dust and debris are a quicker way to make it bad. Moreover, an overstretched one is also not good for the blades to engage.

Solution: Tighten or Switch to a New Belt

First, check for the tension of the deck belt and tighten it by maintaining the necessity. Also, purify it as a step ahead solution.

Now, see if any scratches are noticeable or not. If you find any, do not use it again. As it won’t be able to help the blades anymore, switch to a new deck belt.

Reason 2: Bad Condition of Bearings

Bearings are meant to be for the idler pulleys to be in their fixed position and not to move unnecessarily. Unfortunately, they can wear out, get scratches or become completely bad.

As a result, the pulleys don’t sit in their place and move frequently. The deck belt also slips for their movement and thus, the blades face difficulty in engaging.

Solution: Change the Bearings

A proper observation of the bearings can let you know how they are functioning. In case they are the root cause, changing them is the wise act for the blades.

Reason 3: Less Power from the Battery

The Bad Boy lawn mower blades receiving less power from the battery is a matter to be stressed. Without enough power, they can not engage at all.

When the battery’s chamber gets rust or dust or debris stuck there, it can be backbreaking for the terminals to flow power. Moreover, if the battery is at the stage of dying, it won’t provide much power.

Solution: Clean the Unit or Replace the Battery

Cleaning the unit of the battery can let you notice if it works after that. Be cautious to avoid metal or strong elements in purifying it.

In case it still doesn’t work as required, you should think of replacing the battery. In my opinion, go for it immediately.

Reason 4: Malfunctioning PTO Switch

A common reason is the PTO switch that is for letting the clutch receive the  power that comes from the battery. You can already guess what an important task it completes.

However, as it is an electric component, many things can attack it or barricade its regular function. Gradually, it starts to malfunction and generates weird noises. For that reason, the blades get no power to run as usual.

Solution: Get a New One

Examining the PTO switch will show if the functioning of it is alright or not. If not, get a new PTO switch that is suitable for your Bad Boy lawn mower blades.

Reason 5: Clutch Fails to Work

A clutch is for flowing the power to the mower blades from the engine so that they can move. But, when the clutch is out of duty or failing in functioning, the power flow stops.

Also, the cable of the clutch can get corroded or faulty that refuses to carry power. Without power, how can the blades even start?

Solution: Observe and Replace it

Observing the clutch and its action will drive you to the correct direction. Keep an eye on its cable, too.

You can clean its cable or check if it is working. Do not think twice in changing the clutch or the cable if they are found to be defective.

Reason 6: Fuse is Blown

Last but not the least, another electrical issue can come up when the fuse is in a blown condition. As it is for protecting the electric unit, it surely endures imbalanced or strong electricity.

However, as it gets blown, the power from the battery can not go through it. Thus, the blades get zero power to turn on.

Solution: Get a New Fuse

Getting a new fuse is the ultimate way to get rid of this. Make sure to match the size with the blown fuse to ensure compatibility with your Bad Boy lawn mower.

How Do You Engage the Blades on a Bad Boy Lawn Mower?

Engaging the blades on a Bad Boy lawn mower is the first step to mow or cut the grasses evenly. Any mistake while engaging them can cause issues later.

The brief idea of the process is listed here:

• Wait for the engine to warm up

• Balance the cutting height

• Reach the blade engage switch

• Pull the PTO switch

Go through the details to engage the blades properly.

Step 1: Wait for the Engine to Warm Up

To warm up the engine, turn on the ignition key and afterward, move the throttle to half speed. Now, wait for a few minutes with patience.

Step 2: Balance the Cutting Height

Remove the dirt and debris if there are any on the mower. Balance the mower height to let the blades cut well.

Step 3: Reach the Blade Engage Switch

Just beside the ignition switch, the blade engage switch is located. Pull it up to let the blades engage.

Step 4: Pull the PTO Switch

The other way is pulling up another switch, that is the PTO switch. It also guides the blades to be engaged.

What Turns the Blades on a Bad Boy Mower?

Answer: The deck belt turns the blades on a Bad Boy mower. It is connected to the idler pulleys and assists the blades to do their job.

What Causes Lawn Mower Blades Not to Engage?

Answer: Lawn mower blades not engaging can occur when the deck belt, pulley, clutch, battery, and the clutch cable are at faults. Anything wrong with them attacks the blades quickly.

Final Verdict

It is needless to say that a Bad Boy mower is incomplete when its blades are not on duty. All the work related to cutting grass is stopped due to it.

However, from now on, Bad Boy mower blades won’t engage can be remedied by you, too. Go with the inspections one by one just to be sure about it to apply the required fix.

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