[Solved!] Bad Boy Lawn Mower Problems & Their Fixes!

bad boy lawn mower problems

A friendly and handy tool for keeping the lawn organized is the Bad Boy lawn mower. But, the mower faces some issues as it serves so well, from heavy-duty jobs to lightweight ones.

So, what are the common Bad Boy lawn mower problems?

They are the mower won’t start, electrical defects, hydraulic problems, presence of smoke, misadjusted mower deck, issues in movement, and so on.

I guess you are in search of the Bad Boy lawn mower problems. Luckily, the article has the most frequent issues and the easiest way to get rid of them.

So, let’s get started without further suspension.

Quick Overview: Bad Boy Lawn Mower Problems

There are various types of Bad Boy mower problems and you can not always remember them well.

Therefore, here is a list of them along with their specific fixes.

Serial            Problems                        Solutions
1Mower won’t startFill new fuel and check the starter
2Clicking sound while startingClean or change the fuel filter, check the starter solenoid connections
3Issues in movementAdjust the steering and tire pressure
4Electrical defectsReadjust spark plug and safety switch cables, replace the fuse, reset hour meter
5Faults in hydraulic unitFill hydraulic fluid, check for leakages
6Misadjusted mower deckAdjust the deck height and its connections
7Mower shuts off when blades engageInspect or replace the deck belt and pulleys
8Mower getting no powerGet a new and compatible battery
9Sudden presence of smokeBe cautious to put required amount of fuel

Details Discussion: Bad Boy Lawn Mower Problems

In case of the troubles, I recommend staying calm and looking for a way of Bad Boy mower troubleshooting.

And, to guide you with that, they are detailed in this section with their smart remedies.

So, let’s end the suspension, and jump into the discussion.

Problem 1: Mower Won’t Start

Bad Boy lawn mower won’t start is the most common one that irritates easily. It is caused when the mower is running with bad fuel or too less fuel in the tank.

In some cases, the Bad Boy mower starter won’t engage and due to it, the starter solenoid stops working. All these are responsible for letting the mower not start.

Solution: Fill New Fuel, Check the Starter

While putting new oil, be alert of the Bad Boy mower oil type. Then, readjust the starter or install a new one. After that, learn the way of how to start a Bad Boy mower and try that out.

Problem 2: Clicking Sound While Starting

A Bad Boy mower won’t start no click means the fuel filter may have got clogged. As the filter can not let air go, the engine gets no air to function.

A situation can come when the Bad Boy mower just clicks when trying to start. Well, it is an outcome of the starter solenoid that is having difficulties in operating.

Solution: Clean or Change the Fuel Filter, Check the Starter Solenoid Connections

First, clean the filter considering the material it is made of. Otherwise, replace it with a better one. Then, move to the starter solenoid and secure the connections of it with the electric unit.

Problem 3: Issues in Movement

Bad Boy mower weak on one side is an obstruction for the mower to run freely. When you mistakenly fill the tires with incorrect air pressure or both tires don’t match, the mower seems to be weak on one side.

The Bad Boy mower won’t go forward or reverse is a result of the steering that is not responding. Misadjusted steering won’t let you move the mower easily.

Solution: Adjust the Steering and Tire Pressure

Step in with inspecting the tires and their air pressures. Then, match them in both the tires. After that, the Bad Boy mower steering adjustment is required.

I prefer going through the parking brake adjustment as it can be the culprit, too. So, check out the method of how to adjust parking brake on Bad Boy mower.

Problem 4: Electrical Defects

One of the Bad Boy mower electrical problems is the spark plug getting less voltage than needed due to loose cables. The same happens when a safety switch doesn’t respond to rider’s commands. 

Another one is the mower fuse that can go bad with just a sudden short circuit. It also causes the Bad Boy mower hour meter not working.

Solution: Readjust Spark Plug and Safety Switch Cables, Replace the Fuse, Reset the Hour Meter

First, start with readjusting the cables of the spark plug and safety switch. Check out Bad Boy mower safety switch locations if you are a newbie.

Then, get on duty to install a new fuse. And, also follow the steps of how to reset hour meter on Bad Boy mower.

Problem 5: Faults in Hydraulic Unit

Bad Boy mower hydraulic problems are one of the frequent ones that troubles the mower in many ways. Most importantly, the low level of hydraulic fluid causes most of the issues.

In case you haven’t checked the hydraulic unit for a long time, it can have leakages. As a result of that, the Bad Boy mower transaxle problems arrive and power transmission gets disturbed.

Solution: Fill Hydraulic Fluid, Check for Leakages

First, go through the hydraulic fluid level and see if it is below the average level. Fill the unit with new hydraulic fluid and do not overfill anyhow.

Then, look for leakages in the hydraulic unit and take proper steps if you find any. Otherwise, more troubles can come gradually.

Problem 6: Misadjusted Deck

Bad Boy mower electric deck problems include the deck doesn’t lift or fails to do it. Well, when you are ignorant to the mower’s maintenance, the deck can have such issues.

Bad Boy mower clutch problems are very influential on the mower’s deck. Both the deck and clutch are connected to the electric unit. Any loose connections can let them suffer together.

Solution: Adjust the Deck and its Connections

A major correction in this regard you can do is adjusting the deck height. Because, when the deck is at a correct level, most of its issues are prevented automatically.

That’s why learn how to adjust deck height on Bad Boy mower. Also, make sure to check all its electric connections and adjust them carefully.

Problem 7: Mower Shuts Off When Blades Engage

Bad Boy mower bogs down when blades engaged is a tiring incident that is sure to give you a headache. Another matter is the Bad Boy mower dies when blades are engaged

They are mostly caused by the deck belt that tries to slip again and again from its position. Pulleys that are not turning or spinning are responsible in some cases.

Solution: Inspect or Replace the Deck Belt and Pulleys

If your Bad Boy mower shuts off when blades engaged, check the deck belt immediately. Following the steps of how to tighten a belt on a Bad boy lawn mower, adjust it correctly.

Be aware of its required tension to avoid over tightness. Also, the pulleys need to be inspected and replace them if they are damaged or carrying injuries.

Problem 8: Mower Getting No Power

A Bad Boy mower getting no power is a matter to look at with much care.

In this case, you have to think about your mower’s battery. Because after a certain course, weakness becomes common to it. Its wires also start getting loosened and hindering the power from flowing.

Solution: Get a New Battery

To solve the issue, check if the battery still has any continuity or not. If not, no other choices are left than getting a new and compatible battery.

Problem 9: Sudden Presence of Smoke

Sudden presence of smoke in your Bad Boy lawn mower is an alarming situation.

When you fill the fuel tank with fuel more than required, it leaks and goes to the engine. Or, the muffler can get in touch with that fuel. As a result, a burning smell or smoke is encountered.

Solution: Be Cautious to Put Required Amount of Fuel

In this regard, your job is to check the fuel tank and around it to see if fuel has leaked or not. Then, be cautious from the next time to put fuel only till the required level.

What Year is My Bad Boy Mower?

Answer: The manufacturing year of your Bad Boy lawn mower is mentioned in its serial number. The number is written with the manufacturing month on a metal plate that is somewhere around the deck or the engine.

Why Can’t I Push My Bad Boy Lawn Mowers?

Answer: In case you are unable to push a Bad Boy lawn mower, the reason could be the drive belt. Because when it becomes slippery, it doesn’t perform its job of powering the wheels and the issue occurs.

What Are the Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower Problems?

Answer: Different types of Bad Boy mowers have different problems. Therefore, the Bad Boy zero turn mower problems are hydraulics not working, steering doesn’t respond, battery loses power too often, weak on one side, and so on.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it is needless to mention that a Bad Boy lawn mower is outstanding, though it shows some issues. For that reason, make yourself familiar with the Bad Boy lawn mower problems and their fixes.

In case you need the Bad Boy mower parts diagram or you are in search of Bad Boy mower parts lookup, feel free to check the articles.

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