Behind the Story of Farm Empower, Mary Burton and Team!

Hey! I am Mary Burton!

Growing up around nature, I couldn’t resist but fall in love with it. Days went by, and all I ever thought about was gardening and farming.

Glimpse of My University Life!

From the time I was studying at university, I was planning to start a resourceful website about farming. Though the journey was not always smooth, I was always determined to follow my passion. This is my passion, this is the passion for the thousands of other gardeners, this is the passion for the millions of homeowners.

Here, on this website, I strive to share all the tips and hacks you need to build a farmhouse or renovate it or start your farming projects right now. This is what I liked most – talk about farming and gardening all day and help you guys through this.

About Farmempower.Com

We have come a long way. We are now a passion-fueled group of gardeners, developers, designers, and editors working with the same unique mission and vision. The thing that we are most interested in besides farming is helping you guys in every difficulty.

Providing real-life solutions to every practical problem, we promise to make your farming experience better. From building a farmhouse to finishing its design touches we have got your back.

Stay tuned with us for this amazing quest.

Our Motivation Behind this Work

From diverse professions, we share the same bond. We are tied with the same string and feel the urge to share every detail about farming and gardening. With the aim of helping you, we keep moving on.

How We Create Content?

With the help of a team of experts, we curated and worked tirelessly to prepare content to assist you in every farming project. Being experienced, it’s our responsibility to help every passionate homeowner.

Our motto is to transform any newbie into a pro. Along with the step-by-step guide, we assure you of top-level content that we will never regret reading.

So, let’s change the world.

Mary Burton

Hey! I am Mary Burton. I’m a mother of two kids and a Horticultural Science graduate from the University of Florida. Living my life with my loving kids and husband, I always learn new and amazing things. Plus, by doing my dream works of farming and gardening I feel alive. I will not say I am an expert, but yes, I am learning for nearly 5 years and I know my job.

Sharing the knowledge and my daily farming and home decor projects would surely make people’s life easier. Thus, this brings me here, in front of you guys. Really excited about doing this.

Dale Carnegie

Hey! This is Peter. I am a professional and expert in electrical work. From teenage till now, I found myself fascinated with the nitty-gritty installation and electrical works at home. Eventually, this led me to share about my journey and solve your electrical task of installing and maintaining power systems. With my experience and practice, I can guarantee you will get the best advice here.

Stay tuned for more latest updates and sneak peeks of any electrical solutions for your home. Thank you.

Scott McFadden

Hi! It’s Scott McFadden. Education Science graduate from the University of Florida who is obsessed with farming. All my life I grew up around my grandfather and his farmhouse. I cannot put in words how they inspired me to farm. From taking care of cows to looking after our gardens I have learned a lot. It would be a real pleasure if I get to share this with you and answer your trickiest questions.

What’s Next?

It’s just the beginning, friends. We are working through this website and surely will present you with some great things in the future. With the entire team, we try to make this your best experience ever.

Thank you for staying with us. We hope to see you by the end. Have a great day!